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Dive pressure gauge with 80cm hose

The Single Pressure Gauge is compact, streamlined and easy to read. It has a forged nickel plated brass backing, with a Lexan glass front. The white dial glows in the dark, and therefore it is readable during night diving too. It also comes with a rubber boot to protect the pressure gauge from impacts, but we always recommend divers to tie a S/S Bolt Snap Small to the rubber HP hose.

The Single Pressure Gauge reads in metric Bars.

- HP pressure gauge diameter: Approx. 55 mm
- Up to 400bar
- 7/16 'high pressure hose approx. 80 cm
- Console Housing with lift up straps
- Red 50bar marking area
- Dial fluorescent
- Compatible with all current regulator

Box Contents: 
Divepro pressure gauge standard 400bar

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